Panachaikon race

Αγώνας Παναχαϊκου

Pomegranate Akridas was a sponsor at the Mountain Run race in Panachaikon, organized by the Cultural Action of Vrachneika on 8/5/2017.

The runners who took part in the race, their friends and families, as well as the sponsors of the race who came to the finish area in Pournarokastron, had the opportunity to enjoy the excellent pomegranate juice of the Pomegranate Akridas. The demand was such that even though we had accounted for twice as many portions of juice as the participants in the race, a large amount of the final finishers was not able to get our juice, since there were many who took not one, not two, but four glasses of it!

A great thank you to all for their good words, our warm congratulations to the runners and organizers and our best wishes for everyone to always be healthy and enjoy the “sweet fatigue of mountain running”.