Φυσικός Χυμός Ροδιού

Pomegranate Akridas sponsors the “Herculean Task” race.

Pomegranate Akridas sponsors the “Herculean Task” race. On June 4, the Mountain Running race named the “Herculean Task” was organized in Erymanthos. A race considered to […]
Ρόδι ΑΒ Βασιλόπουλος

Pomegranate tasting at A/B supermarkets

In April, Pomegranate Akridas organized pomegranate tastings at the five cooperating A/B supermarkets of Patra. Hundreds of customers of A/B had the opportunity to taste our […]
Αγώνας Παναχαϊκου

Panachaikon race

Pomegranate Akridas was a sponsor at the Mountain Run race in Panachaikon, organized by the Cultural Action of Vrachneika on 8/5/2017. The runners who took part […]