Pomegranate Akridas

A few words about us

In 2011, the Akridas family made the first plantings of pomegranate orchards. Today we grow around 2,500 pomegranate trees in two of the regional units of Greece, Achaia and Aetolia-Acarnania.

In 2014, we started the production of pomegranate juice experimentally by making relatively small quantities and experimenting with the ways of juicing and the content percentages of various pomegranate varieties. To that end, we used the varieties: Wonderful, Hermione, Karavelos and Ako.

In 2016 we developed in the region Kato Syhaina of Patra our juicing unit which meets the requirements and has been certified with the ISO 22000: 2005 standard. In that unit, we produce and pack our frozen juice in 250ml and 1L bottles, mixing the above varieties. Our short and medium term objectives include the marketing of pomegranates as well as the production and certification of pomegranate seeds.


Why choose us

The Pomegranate Akridas juice is 100% pure pomegranate juice. It is a mixture of the Wonderful, Hermione, Karavelos and Ako varieties, resulting in an excellent flavorful balance between Wonderful's rich but sour taste and the sweet, velvety taste of the other varieties.

Every fruit goes through human checks to be sure of its quality. We juice the fruit in a perfectly natural way, without over-squeezing it. We bottle the fresh 100% pure pomegranate juice and place it in a freezer within 20-25 minutes of juicing it, where it is immediately frozen to keep it fresh.

We keep all food safety procedures (our company is certified by ISO 22000: 2005) and we offer an excellent quality 100% natural pomegranate juice.

From planting to the consumer

The natural juice of the Pomegranate Akridas comes from both the orchards of the Akridas family, and orchards owned by our collaborating growers. We mainly choose certified growers. But at the same time, we monitor and control the crops by making the necessary analyzes and checks so that we can be absolutely sure that the fruit we use are of excellent quality and our products are absolutely safe for the consumer.

We are in continuous communication and contact with both our suppliers, and the points of sale of our product, in order to ensure top quality as well as the safest way of transporting our product from the field to the consumer.